(The Case of Quadrobot)
  By: James Cook
      Globatech, Inc.
      Dearborn, MI USA


  When asked what single event was most helpful in developing the Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein replied, "Figuring out how to think about the problem."
Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Modern urban living is entering a new era where urban residents will be able to get anything, anywhere, at any time while owning nothing. The thing, the where, and the time will be resolved virtually, on the spur of the moment, by the internet, big data, and AI. These residents’ costs will be according to the momentary usage (use fee). Here in Michigan, the local automotive economy aptly named their new market, "MOBILITY". However, Mobility requires, not a restructuring as was the case with small cars, lean manufacturing, and 6-sigma quality, rather Mobility requires a whole new way of thinking! Thinking must shift from logical, predictive, reductionistic to intuitive, probabilistic, holistic. Correspondingly, the engineering god, Simplicity, is being toppled by Nature’s god, Complexity.

To meet Mobility’s needs, Quadrobot has developed a vehicle platform that can be morphed into Mobility’s daily cycle of needs from delivery (which is Quadrobot’s initial foray) to ride hailing/sharing, and special purposes such as lunch wagons, retailing/vending on wheels, even street cleaners. Their proprietary, all-electric, van has two unique features: a swappable body (analogous to standard shipping containers on a personal scale) that allows switching to match the rhythm of the day (from commuting to delivering to lunch wagon ...), and a vehicle that is narrow and low enough to facilitate easy, quick, urban access and maneuverability. Add to this, all Quadrobot’s vans are autonomous ready, internet tethered, and transparently useful as data harvesting vehicles while doing other jobs, as a way to reduce lease payments and/or generate significant additional income streams.

Smart-ness enabled with internet for tracking and optimization, 75% cargo space (106 ft3, 3.0 m3), interchangeable and extendable batteries.
Convenient access single door/side rests on roof, sized to single shift load, (back door opens out), doors automatically lock, body easily customizable.
Can change chassis/body configurations for different applications: delivery, ride hailing, lunch wagon, mobile vending, street cleaning.
Custom designed for cities’ alleys and bicycle paths, symmetrical power train modules, and four independently controlled wheels.
Can change chassis/body configurations for different applications: delivery, ride hailing, lunch wagon, mobile vending, street cleaning.

The genius behind Quadrobot’s versatile design is Mike Wang, CEO. As a graduate of College of Creative Studies, he was a student of John Manoogian’s (retired GM chief car designer and now on Quadrobot’s board). Mike grew up in Hangzhou China, the capital of e-commerce, and came to Detroit, the capital of vehicle design. He used these two immersions to inspire the design of a vehicle to transform e-commerce and become a platform for serving urban Mobility. Now in 2019, he’s setting up Quadrobot’s world headquarters in Greater Detroit while launching Quadrobot’s delivery van for service in Hangzhou. This year, 2019, the Postal Ministry has committed to using over one thousand Quadrobots to deliver packages in several major cities, plus two hundred designated by the government as "A Smart City of the Future" exemplar.

From these beginnings, Quadrobot will take a leading position in the Mobility marketplace through proprietary designs, appropriate business models, and creative financing and partnering. Quadrobot's success, we believe, will ultimately derive from our superior alignment with the dictates of TRUE MOBILITY!

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