Jim Cook

        Technologist, Entrepreneur, Sinophile

After getting a BS of Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Jim went to MIT as a Research Engineer in the Aeronautics and Astronautics Department. Thirty-five years later he was back at MIT doing Management of Technology consulting for the Sloan School's Associate Dean, Ed Roberts. Between those career bookends, Jim was intensely involved in high technology as an entrepreneur and executive. The roughly chronological highlights of Jim's career are:

A biographical interview (30 minutes) by Glenn O'Kray, Chairman of the Dearborn (Michigan) Historical Commission.

At UM/Ann Arbor: Seminar on Contemporary and Rural China and China Business Challenge Awards (as keynote).

At Wayne State Confucius Institute spoke on Appreciating Mao's Genius and A New China Market in the Making?

Representing China, spoke on Entrepreneurship in China at the Kauffman Foundation's 2008 Global Symposium.

Chaired the Beijing conference on "Bridging the Cultural Gap - Key to Success".

Delivered a series of lectures at the Financial Policy Center of People's University.

Started an internet portal company in Beijing focused on Japanese Stock markets.

Consulted to Motorola's chairman on re-organizing their corporate venture capital.

Consulted to AT&T Bell Labs' SVP on managing their Intellectual Property talent.

Consulted to Fiat and Rolls-Royce Aero on restructuring for rapid development.

Consulted to DuPont on a Step Change reduction in nylon production interruptions.

Taught MBAs Finance, Project Mgmt., Economics of Manufacturing (@UCSD), Adv. Mfg., & Entrepreneurship.

Attributed in Odyssey by Apple's Sculley as "inspiring" Sculley's distinctions between management styles.

As VP of Engineering at Denning Mobile Robotics (NASDAQ:GARD) improved the robot's reliability 100-fold.

Introduced CAD/CAM software to China (1985); on CCTV News being greeted by Jiang ZeMin at Great Hall.

Was Corporate VP of Technology at Computervision, a Fortune 500 and world's largest CAD/CAM company.

Presided over a venture, Unidata Systems, that went from his kitchen table to NASDAQ National Listing in 4 years.

Was president/founder of Exxon Enterprises' venture, Verbex, that led the world in speech recognition technology.

As a Staff Mathematician at Sanders Associates, led the programming of a massively parallel top secret computer.

Began as a Research Engineer at MIT's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Apollo era.

Currently, Jim is writing a series of articles about The Internet’s Offspring: The Connection Economy), where he describes the causes and outcomes of changing from an economic system where value is created by the sale of goods and services to an economic system where value is created by the market signaling what it wants, when it wants, and how it wants it. He develops the wealth creation of network effects and the corresponding drops in costs and the diminishing need for labor. As an expression of his interest in both Chinese and Entrepreneurship, Jim has put up an article, in English and Chinese, showing how Mao ZeDong beat Chiang Kai Shek not just by luck and cunning, but by ways typical of exceptional entrepreneurs, like Henry Ford. That article is at: https://cha4mot.com/entrepreneur

Contact:  Email: jim.cook@globatech.com       Cell: +1 646 763 7501       Home/office: 313 271 2900